Connected Brands, Distinct Purposes

Magi is a masterful entrepreneur who together with her husband and business partner, Scott, have fashioned a collection of creative pursuits with one unifying thread — to provide exceptional experiences for kindred spirits. Rooted in creativity, The Fisher Tank is the catch-all of the couples’ entrepreneurial empire. Together, they have founded multiple businesses that they manage collectively. Always planning for what lies ahead, Magi & Scott are continuously inspired to dream big and to share their expertise, enthusiasm, and creative endeavors.

What began as photographing weddings promptly evolved when power couple — Magi & Scott — teamed up to intertwine their lust for life and business innovation. Channeling the same intentional and imaginative approach to everyday living, the couple own and operate four creative companies — as well as influential insights and future endeavors designed to inspire and uplift. Whether you’re a wedding planner, bride, photographer, creative professional, or entrepreneur, the Magi Fisher family of brands gives your adventurous soul a courageous and purposeful voice. Each brand beneath the couple’s entrepreneurial umbrella provides an experience that is personalized and meaningful, yet connected via the core intention to give expression to your one-of-a-kind story. Uncover your deeper purpose, tell your own tale, and channel your inner entrepreneur with any one of Magi & Scott’s bespoke services.

Magi + Scott's wedding services focus on on laidback luxury wedding photography experiences serving modern and spirited couples in dream destinations around the world.

Detailed templates and tools designed to keep creatives creating! Shop for specific, easy-to-use contracts and foundational documents that protect you and your clients.

Offering the same signature aesthetic as Magi herself, Magdalena Studios is an associate team of photographers serving clients under Magi's creative direction and guidance.

Bringing a touch of fun and frivolity to social and corporate events, That Rad Booth offers a variety of modern yet stylish additions for any soirée. More coming soon!